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Fisher Fitness is a holistic wellness center located at the base of the Teton Mountain Range in Wilson, Wyoming.  Each client recieves a customized experience with the ultimate goal of achieving physical, mental, and emotional wellness. All wellness sessions revolve around three principles: cultivating body awareness, improved alignment, and purposeful movement.

MELT Neurostrength Workshop

Tuesdays 2/9, 2/16, 2/23

$55/ 3 weeks (no class card punches allowed)

Do you....
  • Struggle to maintain effortless upright posture?
  • Have "tight hip flexors?"
  • Have chronic low back or neck pain or tension?
  • Think the word "core" is confusing?
Our bodies develop patterns from athletics, injuries, and habits. Unlike traditional strength exercises that focus on muscle movement, MELT Neurostrength uses bodyweight, rollers, and bands to improve stability and efficiency of movement by activating the deep stabilizing muscles of the shoulder and pelvic girdle, spine and core. This class combines MELT hydrating techniques with neuromuscular repatterning and strengthening techniques to address the weak links that damage joints and inhibit your body's ability to function optimally. 


LEVEL 2 COURSE: Prior attendance of MELT Restorative class required.


*Pre-registration is required - 10 student minimum, 18 student maximum

Dancers' Workshop-
Center for the Arts
240 South Glenwood, Second Floor 

Call Dancers' Workshop at 307.733.6398 to register or click here to register online. 
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